Pushing the buggy one handed; we’ve all been there

“Pick me up!” my toddler demanded earlier and, like lots of other always-feeling-slightly-guilty working mums, I relented straight away, gathered her up in my arms and perched her on my hip. And carried on one handed. Which got me thinking about the many tasks I’ve done one-handed over the years, starting when my son was a tiny baby, snuggled in the crook of my left arm, or asleep over my shoulder, through to my demanding daughter, who will insist on wriggling like a maniac when I carry her around, making one-handed tasks even more difficult *sigh*.

So here is a list of all the one-handed tasks I’ve managed to do over the past few years.

Score one point for each you can tick off too…

  1. Write emails (love that there’s even an acronym for one-handed typing: OHT)
  2. Sort washing, fill and empty washing machine
  3. Hang out washing (takes ages and requires teeth, but can be done)
  4. Make a cup of tea
  5. Make flapjacks (recipe to follow)
  6. Make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family
  7. Push buggy (for this to be successful you ideally need a Micralite or Bugaboo or similar – it’s pretty tough with a two-handled Maclaren)
  8. Send texts
  9. Tweet
  10. Read a book – made much easier with the arrival of the Kindle
  11. Read picture book to older child
  12. Brush older child’s hair
  13. Put on make-up
  14. Wipe older child’s nose
  15. Drink coffee (many cups of coffee… yawn)
  16. Take the bin out
  17. Empty dishwasher
  18. Brush my teeth; brush older one’s teeth
  19. Do the shopping – it helps if you don’t get a wonky trolley 😦
  20. Drink a large glass of dry white wine.

Please share your one-handed baby-carrying experiences below!