Last Friday I tweeted an *extra Friday night tip*, on top of my usual daily tip for mum and dads, which said when you choose wine, make sure you go for ones with a screwcap because they’re easy to open one-handed – just grip the bottle between your knees. Which quite a few parents seem to have identified with (thanks for the comments!)…

Co-blogger Helen McGinn is an ex-supermarket wine buyer and wine guru (check out her brilliant blog where she recommends one great red and one very slurpable white every week plus shares insights on her life as a knackered mother) and she’s kindly offered to share her favourite screwcap wines with me to share with you every Friday. Hurrah!

So, without further ado, this Friday’s screwcap wine is:

Tesco Finest Vermentino, £6.99, which you can buy online here. Vermentino is the grape, Sicily is the place. A wine with a sunny disposition, it’s fantastically lemon fresh.

Sounds like it’d be a great aperitif – perfect with that leftover packet of Pom Bear crisps…