A few Fridays ago I tweeted an *extra Friday night tip*, on top of my usual daily tip for mums and dads, which said when you choose wine, make sure you go for ones with a screwcap because they’re easy to open one-handed – just grip the bottle between your knees. Which quite a few parents seem to have identified with (thanks for the comments!)…

Award-winning blogger Helen McGinn is an ex-supermarket wine buyer and all-round wine guru (check out her brilliant blog www.knackeredmotherswineclub.com where she recommends one great red and one very slurpable white every week plus shares insights on her life as a knackered mother) and she’s kindly offered to share her favourite screwcap wines with me to share with you every Friday. Hurrah!

So, without further ado, this Friday’s screwcap wine is:

Porcupine Ridge Syrah, £5.99 on offer, Waitrose  This one was named the ‘Spiky Pig’ wine by a friend because of the label (she missed that it was, in fact, a porcupine, as the name might suggest). Anyhoo, this is unashamedly bramble-fruited in character, with a whiff of the herbal. Proper cockle-warming stuff from South Africa.

I will be tasting this one ASAP!